English introduction

I am a psychosynthesis therapist working with individuals and couples. My clinic is today mainly in Gothenburg, however I also give individual sessions via Skype after a first personal meeting. I am also an author of nine books, the latest is called ”The Passion Code” (Passionskoden) and you can read an introduction of that book here. Passion Code Intro E Sanner

I also supervise other therapists in their work, mainly psychosynthesis therapists who have the same training background as myself. Now and then I arrange courses for couples and/or individuals, the topics are different but ranges from intimacy, communication skills, presence and personal development.

I have a background as a journalist in the field of health and alternative medicin, and it was logic for me to take the step and get a therapist training myself. I have now worked with clients since 1996, which is a long time. It is still a fascinating work and I learn something new every day. Contact me by email or telephone if you would like to have more information about how I work. You can also sign up for my newsletter (in Swedish).