English Summary

For those of you who don’t speak Swedish – here is an English summary of who I am and how I work.

I am trained as a therapist at Psykosyntesakademin in Stockholm, and have worked with clients since 1996. I also have a basic training in Ayurveda and in Ecopsychology, and is also educated in Mindfulness.

At the moment I see both individuals and couples, and most of my work is happening online. I also lead womens’ groups, both physically and online. New this year is the online group for women around the transition of menopause, from the Mother archetype into the Wise Woman and what that means for each woman.

I regularly offer courses for fellow colleagues in psychosynthesis, mainly around couples’ work. These are both in Swedish and in English, depending on circumstances and who is signing up. Look at the front page of my website to find out the next course happening.

You are welcome to contact me here.

You can also find me on Facebook at Eva Sanner Psychosynthesis & Education.