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Välkommen till min hemsida! Welcome to my homepage!

Today when the level of change is high and many of our values are questioned, we need to reflect on what we truly believe in. Greater self awareness is a tool for more balance in life and possibility to live your potential fully. As always, I am available for sessions with individuals and couples, in therapy or supervision. Below you find other events that are happening in the near future. 


On February 9th I started a meditation series on the Elements. Five evenings where we connect with one element at a time. Now only one left, on June 17 about the Space element. Try one meditation or be there for all of them. Free of charge or donation, your choice. Click here to read more and book. 

You can listen to previous Element Meditations here (click on the name of the element to listen): Water  Earth  Wind  Fire

May 30-June 2: Re-enchanting the World, Kärlingesund, Sweden. I am launching a new course about ecopsychology and psychosynthesis – a fantastic combination of two existential worldviews that have much in common. What is more important now, than coming back to our innate love for the living world – and finding our place in it? Now only 2 places left, until the group is full. Welcome to read more about this wonderful retreat here

Kvinnogrupp online – 8 träffar online över två terminer för att stödja dig genom förändringen som klimakteriet innebär. Start 19 september och ytterligare tre  torsdagar under hösten, plus fyra tillfällen under våren. Mer info kommer. På engelska om deltagare från flera länder. 

Read an article written by Eva Sanner about the basics of ecopsychology here.

Read a presentation of me and my work in English here

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Who am I?
Eva 002 Zita M

I am a writer, lecturer and therapist and offer therapy, couples’ therapy, courses and seminars. On my homepage you can read all about my work. Many programs are in English, if the description is only in Swedish it means the whole event is in Swedish. 

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