Retreat 2024: Re-enchanting the World

Eco-psychology and Psychosynthesis Retreat

May 30 –June 2, 2024

We live in times of urgency. When eco-systems fall apart or die, we are all affected. When the planet is reacting with floods, storms, or drought, we feel it in the depth of our being. Eco-psychology not only gives us explanations of how and why we react to the stress put on the planet by human influence. It also offers a world view where humans are interconnected with all living beings, and a way to find our path back to an experience of wholeness and wonder. Through the lens of eco-psychology, we can re-enchant the world. Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal psychology, with tools and methods to heal, transform and deepen. Both systems describe our relationship to that which is bigger than us, and the mystery and magic that comes from relating to wholeness instead of to parts.

Set in the wild beauty of the Swedish countryside, this in-depth retreat offers us a rare opportunity to explore our own relationship to the living world. We will dive into the physical experience of being with nature, but also the theoretical understanding about what happens with us when we do. Connecting eco-psychological theory with psychosynthesis concepts, we will deepen our understanding about how a relationship with nature also deepens our relationship to the Self.

What you will experience

    • Introduction to ecopsychology theory, history, and development

    • Connecting the core concept of Love and Will into wonder and engagement

    • Sharing grief and powerlessness over the situation on the planet and turning

    • Exercises to reconnect with nature, and how to use them with others

    • Practicing holding therapeutical space for others outside

    • Reflecting embraced by nature, in daytime or during the night

    • Contact with the elements in exercises and ritual

    • Resting and rejuvenation of your energy physically, mentally and emotionally

Something happens when we are in nature, read more here

The place

Kärlingesund Retreat Center is situated on the edge of a natural reserve on the west coast of Sweden. You reach it from Gothenburg city, with car or bus approx. 1,5-2 hours. The retreat center is cozy and beautiful, with 16 rooms that can either be shared or used as single rooms. Outside, the natural reserve offers forests, open meadows, beaches and hills in a beautiful mix. It is five minutes’ walk to the ocean, where you can take a swim from a bathing jetty in a small marina or walk to a natural beach nearby. You can find more detailed information about traveling by clicking here.

Food and equipment

Since we hopefully will spend a lot of time outside, be prepared to bring clothes for warm wheather, warm clothing for the evenings, good shoes, and bathing suit if you would like to take a swim. No camping is allowed in the natural reserve, but you might need some kind of shelter if you choose to be outside at night. More detailed info will come when you have applied for participation. The food is vegetarian.

Who can join?

It is useful if you have some training in psychosynthesis, as it will give you a more professional experience of the course. If you are new to psychosynthesis, you will get a basic understanding of this transpersonal psychology from attending this course, as well as eco-psychology. Tell us about your background in your booking form so that we know.

The time

The event starts Thursday May 30th, at 4.00 pm and ends Sunday June 2nd, at 3 pm. In May, the weather in the area is usually warm and sunny, the nights are light and short but can be cold.

The cost

Full price for course and food & lodging in twin room                       SEK 6800/578 EUR

Full price for course and food & lodging in single room                     SEK 7976/678 EUR

Last day of registering for this course is March 31st 2024.

It is possible to stay an extra night before or after course to a reduced price (only lodging).

How to book

To secure your place, you pay a booking fee of 3000 SEK. This is nonrefundable and deducted from the payment of your total cost. Full payment for early bird and for full price no later than April 15th. You book your space with this link and we will send you one invoice for the booking fee, and later one for the rest of the cost.

The course leader

Eva Sanner is an experienced psychosynthesis therapist, trained at Psykosyntesakademin, Stockholm, Sweden. She is trained in ecopsychology with the Lodyn Association in Sweden and has deepened her experience over the last six years as an apprentice on the shamanic path of Sweet Medicine.

Eva is a well-known profile in the alternative community in Sweden and has held several positions like program manager of the Ängsbacka course center, chair of the board of the Psykosyntesakademin, and program manager of the European Psychosynthesis Association including the EPA summer school 2023. She is also an author of eleven books on different subjects such as relationships, health, sexuality, and eco-psychology. She lives in the Swedish countryside with her family.


For all questions regarding the course and the retreat center, email or call +46(0)709397063.

You book with this link!

Contact information:

Eva Sanner


Kärlingesund Retreat Center

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Photos from Kärlingesund by Camilla Jorva